Best Home Security For 2023

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A quality home security system keeps your home protected from theft and notifies you of emergencies while you’re out and about. Selecting the most suitable solution can be tough since it involves multiple factors including system integrations, cost (upfront and ongoing), and a slew of other features based on your home security needs.

There are two main categories when it comes to seeking smart home solutions for your security systems: DIY and professionally installed alternatives. .


DIY solutions generally provide greater customization and are available at a lower cost. If you have a hectic schedule, you might lack time to oversee a DIY installation. In such situations, it’s best to go with professional installations. While these come at a higher cost (at times alongside an ongoing monitoring subscription fee), they eliminate the hassle of getting your solution up and running.


Selecting between DIY and professional installations is merely the first step in finding the best smart home solutions for your household. There are tons of available solutions within the market, each with unique features, add-ons, and pricing to consider.


But not to fret. The Affluent Infinity team has your back by shortlisting the best home security options in 2023 to guide your decision.

Ring Alarm Security Kit

The five-piece security solution functions smoothly with the brand’s other intelligent home components, including its wide range of surveillance cameras and smart lights. Ring’s Security Kit functions smoothly with a wide range of third-party devices so you can get them running with existing home security components without spending extra expenses on a tech overhaul.


- Aside from its Security Kit, Ring offers a broad range of security camera options suitable for monitoring various indoor and outdoor home environments.

- Affordable pricing.


- Ring Alarm Security Kit operates with bulky sensors which might make them unsuitable for narrow spaces and areas.

- The keypad functions of their security products are not easy to use and might require some time for user familiarisation.

Our Rating: 6/10. The price-effective kit works well for homeowners looking for a starter solution. With that said, the brand poses tech limitations for individuals seeking to scale and advance their smart home solutions in the near future.


Huawei’s lineup of home surveillance solutions presents a wide range of advanced features in smart home solutions. The company’s leading DIY home security solutions include the Huawei Camera Pro fitted with the brand’s powerful HarmonyOS. Huawei Camero Pro provides high-quality monitoring with 360 horizontal and 150 vertical rotations for comprehensive monitoring of your blind spots. .


Despite its technical advancements, Huawei has received a fair amount of flak in recent years regarding security issues. While these rumours were mostly focused on the US, they might still warrant a second look since the handled data of smart home solutions involve your home’s security information.


- Easy installation.

- The powerful infrared illuminator of Huawei’s surveillance cameras provides high-quality images even in poorly lit conditions.


- Ineffective after-sales support.

Our Rating: 6/10. While the brand’s cam surveillance capabilities are some of the best in the industry, the risk of private data issues could be a major problem down the line.

Bosch Security and Safety Systems

Bosch offers high standards of professionally installed home security systems through specialised software for holistic safety and security control, including fire and intrusion detection. You can facilitate the function of each security solution with access control accessories for effortlessly monitoring the entry points and blind spots within your home.


The company’s security and safety solutions are ideal for homeowners prioritising the highest standards in 24/7 monitoring for their home security. Bosch’s line-up of products includes advanced CCTV integration, multi-directional cameras with PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) capabilities, and LCD display touchscreen keypads for reliable perimeter control.


- Bosch Security and Safety systems caters to clients of all scales, from large companies to homeowners. You’ll find an extensive selection of specialised security devices for reliable monitoring standards.


- Pricey fees for advanced security features might not be the most cost-effective option for homeowners looking for budget-friendly solutions.

Our Rating: 7/10. The brand’s high price point might be a deal breaker for homeowners in search of scalable and less sophisticated solutions.

Our Top Pick: Loxone Security Systems

Loxone is a leading name in smart home solutions that offers a sleek and integrated security system, giving you constant peace of mind. The brand’s state-of-the-art system includes motion and sound sensors, contacts for doors and windows, and a built-in alert system that informs you of any suspicious activities within your smart home, directly through a registered mobile app.

A certified technician can help you install your Loxone systems with minimal cost if you already have Loxone products in your smart home since the brand’s inventory of over 100 devices integrates seamlessly to provide a unified security solution.


Loxone security solution also offers efficient add-ons like the Alarm Siren that functions with a blaring volume and bright flashing LED lights that effectively repel lurkers from your household.

Localized Server

Unlike other home security systems on the market, Loxone manages all data locally via strategically installed green miniservers. As such, you never have to worry about cybercriminals intercepting your private information on the cloud while still receiving the accurate insights you need to respond against a potential threat.

Flexible Surveillance Infrastructure

Loxone makes it easy for you to mix and match specific surveillance features for your home protection. A diverse inventory of mounting brackets allows you to conveniently hook up a surveillance device at any corner or angle and begin real-time monitoring without delay.

The versatility of Loxone products enables you to protect your most precious spaces from fire hazards, water leaks, and break-ins by scaling the smart home components as required.


- Great flexibility in customizing your home security systems.

- First cloud-free home security system.

- Includes a powerful backup power supply for keeping security systems online during an outage.

- No contracts or monthly subscription fees if you go with DIY home security monitoring.


- Requires a professional installer, DIY isn’t possible without the right technical skills.

Our Rating: 9/10. because there’s always room for improvement. But as far as the best home security for 2023 goes, Loxone tops the charts with its secure cloud-less miniserver architecture and integrated products.

Speak to the Affluence Infinity team to discover and install the most effective smart home solutions tailored to the best interest of your household.

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