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Use Cases

25 Oct 2022

What is Room Climate?

We sometimes underestimate how important the perfect harmony between pleasant temperatures, levels of humidity and...
25 Oct 2022

5 Advantages of Smart Room Climate Control with Loxone

Room climate, controlled by Loxone, is much more than having different temperatures in different rooms. When your...
04 Oct 2022

10 Reasons for Automation in Buildings with Loxone technology

Automation in buildings allows for maximum efficiency without complicated controls (and extra effort!) in areas of...
19 Sep 2022

Smart Home Experience Tour

Take a look around a Real Smart Home. A purpose-built showhome in Austria. From smart lighting and room climate to...
15 Sep 2022

Loxone Explained: Lighting Series

Gone are the days of switching on and off traditional lights. Modern LED lighting technology is taking an enormous...
07 Sep 2022

Loxone Explaned: Switch Standard

The Loxone switch standard has revolutionized the world of home and building automation. Operating the rooms of a...
23 Jul 2022

Top 4 Features We Love About Our Smart Home

We’re finally home! After moving into our new smart home, we came up with a list of our favorite home automation...
Inspired by the most famous and oldest bridge in Venice, this new audio system named RIALTO symbolises the junction between traditional Hi-Fi and the connected technologies developed over the last 10 years by Cabasse. It embeds the best acoustic and software technologies and is composed of two connected active speakers, in a compact bookshelf format, with soft and rounded lines reminiscent of the Murano.
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Smart Home - Experience Package
Smart Home - Experience Package
Adaptive solutions personalized to meet your needs
Energy-saving solutions, help you to save costs in the long run. Systems that will keep you and your loved ones safe. systems that will keep you and your loved ones safe Wireless solutions, upgrade your system easily.
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THE PEARL PELEGRINA, will satisfy the most demanding music lovers, audiophiles who want the purest sounds, easy access to dematerialised digital music and the latest technological innovations in order to experience the realism and the pleasure of sound in their homes, each and every day as if they were elbow to elbow with concert performers. Owners will also have the privilege of enjoying a rare and unique piece!
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Direct descendant of the high resolution streaming speaker THE PEARL, THE PEARL AKOYA is both a jewel in terms of design and technology. Its compactness is unrivaled thanks to its tri-coaxial design and its specific bass loudspeaker. THE PEARL AKOYA, created and developed in Brittany in Northern France offers exceptional acoustic quality and power that is comparable to that of a classical orchestra, all from a small package.
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Our goal is to usher in the third generation of smart homes. Affluence Infinity is all about the future of home automation, with the goal of providing consumers with "think-free" living experiences and benefiting from the full integration of technology in daily lives. Our solutions are environmentally friendly, assisting consumers in their eco-consumption.
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The Pearl Collection - Discover Cabasse’s sound excellence in an acoustic pearl!
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