Why Do Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Give You a Run for Your Money?

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Quality speakers can make a significant difference when appreciating the finer sound qualities of sound and music. Bowers & Wilkins often tops the charts when audiophiles browse for the most premium speakers for their audio systems. Yet, the brand’s high price point might lead some buyers to question if these price tags are worth the investment.


The Affluence Affinity team dives into the history, product lines, and unique features of the luxury brand known for producing one of the world’s most expensive speakers to help you decide on a purchase.  


A Trip Back In Time

Bowers & Wilkins’s humble beginnings go back to 1966 when the company operated as a radio and electronics shop in Worthing, England. The co-founders of the luxury audio brand met during the Second World War and had similar industry interests. The collaboration eventually included the sales of public service equipment to churches and educational institutions in the area. .


TThe engagements with public service projects led co-founder John Bowers to develop a fascination for the technicalities and performance of sound speakers, which became the brand’s specialisation in modern times.

Loudspeaker Product Lines

The best loudspeakers offer consistent quality, making the most subtle sounds audible. In optimal scenarios, you can expect a phenomenon that experts term the soundstage, an immersive effect where you feel yourself teleported into a concert hall or recording studio. Bowers & Wilkins engages in constant innovation by integrating the latest advancements in loudspeaker technology in product development to create your desired soundstage.


600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins developed the 600 series as a phenomenal audio solution with an accessible price point. The series includes the compact 607 model which is highly suited for smaller spaces and the 606, a scaled-up and more powerful model. 600 series models have seen its 8th generation since their launch in 1991, with enthusiasts benefitting from a slew of tech improvements with its latest iteration (the S3). .


These 600 series upgrades include bi-wiring and bi-ramping compatibility, flow port technology for minimized air turbulence, and continuum drivers for optimized midrange reproduction.

700 Series

The series’s core model concept focuses on repurposing recording studios for living room spaces. Bowers & Wilkins developed the 700 Series by leveraging the technology of its 800 Series Diamond. The 702 S3 is the top-of-the-range model that combines a downward-firing port configuration with Aerofoil Profile bass cones to deliver the highest standards in bass performance.


800 Series And Signature Range

Bowers & Wilkins’s 800 Series is the preferred loudspeaker product line for leading studios worldwide. The story goes that in 1979, product designers at Bowers & Wilkins gained the full creative freedom to develop the most advanced loudspeaker without limitation, which led to the first generation of the 800 Series..


The 801 4D tower speaker model comes with state-of-the-art matrix bracing for comprehensive reinforcement of speaker walls. These well-fitted designs augment the soundstage for a more immersive experience.

The latest version of the 800 Series features a Signature range enhanced with stylish aesthetics that would complement any contemporary or post-modern interior. 800 Series Signature models also include optimized functions such as a diamond dome tweeter for producing crispier high-frequency sounds.


The Nautilus model of Bowers & Wilkins remains par excellence in the world of loudspeakers. These advanced designs feature an iconic spiral shape resembling the shell of its namesake mollusc. The audio leader recently released a limited edition Abalone Pearl version of the Nautilus to commemorate its 30th anniversary in delighting audiophiles worldwide..


Bowers & Wilkins manufactures each Nautilus speaker with uncompromised attention to detail. Each handcrafted model takes about a week to complete, with average waiting periods of two years for a pair of these celebrated loudspeakers.

These modern-day masterpieces have become some of the priciest loudspeakers available in the market, combining unrivalled sound quality with a unique design to maximise acoustic performance. The leading audio brand built the Nautilus according to co-founder John Bowers’s wish to create the ideal loudspeaker.


With research and development prioritised at the core of its business, Bowers & Wilkins released a vast range of revolutionary loudspeaker features over the years, fine-tuning sound quality that delivers the ultimate audio experience.

Tapered Silencer Tubes

These unique audio installations in Nautilus models optimize speaker performance by replacing conventional open-backed drivers with reverse-tapered horns that absorb excess energy at the rear. The revolutionary sound-damping technology converts subtle audible tunes into refined melodies.

Aramid Fiber

Bowers & Wilkins favours aramid fiber in cone construction. The material’s distinct structure enhances the brand’s midrange cones with clear and dynamic sound performance.

Continuum Cone

Originally limited to 800 Series models, Bowers & Wilkins eventually extended the feature to 600 Series designs. The Continuum Cone’s sophisticated design required an intensive eight-year product development program resulting in a best-in-class feature that fine-tunes audio transparency and accuracy.

Titanium Dome Tweeter

Bowers & Wilkins’s titanium dome tweeter offers superior resolution alongside high-frequency reproduction to provide a winning audio experience free from distortion. These tweeter designs are decoupled from the speaker chassis of Bowers & Wilkins models to minimise interference and achieve optimal depth.

Unique Flowport Design

Inspired by the dimpled surfaces of golf balls, these speaker features reduce the friction in the air that circulates within the bass reflex vent. The Flowport’s reduction of air turbulence provides consistent sound quality.

Why Are Bowers & Wilkins Models Costly?

Beneath the sleek and bold designs of Bowers & Wilkins models lie sophisticated marvels in sound speaker technology.

The high pricing of Bowers & Wilkins models includes the top-notch materials used in product manufacturing and the painstaking research invested in the research and development of audio-enhancing features.

The brand’s high-performance loudspeaker models also feature meticulous construction comparable with the dedicated craftsmanship of luxury watchmakers. There are good loudspeakers and there are great loudspeakers, and then you have Bowers & Wilkins on a whole other level.

Investing in a Bowers & Wilkins model promises unmatched quality of music and sound performance delivered through a lasting legacy of audio perfection.

Speak with Affluence Infinity to discover the most suitable loudspeaker model for your home that matches your specific needs.

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