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Burglary doesn’t just equate to a loss of belongings – it can also affect our peace of mind. This is where a smart home can play an important role: with intelligent defense mechanisms, it will make uninvited guests flee and provide reliable protection around the clock. So what does burglary protection in our Smart Home really look like?

Preventive measures: Protects in advance

Before it even comes to a break-in, your Smart Home takes preventive measures.

For many people who have suffered a break-in, one of the most unsettling things is wondering if the house was being watched prior to the break-in, with someone tracking their movements. One way to throw potential burglars off is with sophisticated presence simulation; it makes it appear as if you’re at home, even when you’re not, switching lights on and off and closing and opening blinds according to your usual routine. This realistic portrayal of your presence will unsettle and drive away any would-be burglars. As a result, your home may also be deemed too risky to burglars and be removed from their list of target properties.

Catch uninvited guests immediately – at every entry point

Whether the thief is getting in through the window or simply using the balcony door that is left open, your home will detect the intruder directly, using motion sensors, glass breakage detectors and other sensors, and respond accordingly:

Beat every burglar

If your home registers an intruder, the alert is broken down into three short-lived stages that will alert you as soon as necessary and give the burglar as little time as possible to make off with your belongings.

1. Silent Alarm

You will immediately receive a notification via the app on your smartphone. False alarms are automatically registered by your home and acknowledged in good time.

2. Audible Alarm

In the second phase you will receive a call on your mobile phone and your Music Server will play at full volume. This can be a shrill alarm siren to heavy metal – either way, it attracts attention and makes a burglar more likely to leave in a hurry.

3. Visual Alarm

Your home is now opening blinds and curtains to draw attention to the intruder. The Smart Home is now “transparent” and makes the neighbors aware with additional flashing lights throughout the house.

Fire & Water leakage Alarm

At night, when you sleep, your Smart Home does not shut its eyes but watches over its occupants – but at the same time, it protects itself from potential dangers. It is prepared for fire, water and storms, and immediately sounds the alarm in case of an emergency, without your intervention.


Fire. The number one source of danger in all households worldwide. Fires can have multiple causes, from someone forgetting to blow out a candle to a faulty electrical appliance, and can take over a room in seconds. For this reason, it is imperative that your home is on alert for the very first wisp of smoke.

Protective function:
Fire detection

It’s not without reason that we have strict fire safety regulations in Singapore. With such busy and hectic lives, it’s easy to be distracted and forget to switch off the hob or the hair straighteners and cause a fire hazard.

As fire spreads within a very short time, fast action is required. Your Smart Home detects the smoke and the elevated temperature and informs you immediately.


There can also be many reasons for water emergencies: a burst pipe, heavy rainfall, flooding, etc. Of course, the level of danger from water can vary from a dripping pipe to a flooded basement, however, they can all cause considerable damage to the fabric of the building. Therefore, a reliable way of detecting water early is necessary. 


Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living - or AAL for short – i.e. the support of elderly or impaired people, is very close to our hearts. We want to increase the safety of people and their relatives. Things like fall detection, emergency call button, automatic access for emergency services, detection of abnormal behavior and much more can be implemented.

Implement fall detection, emergency buttons and alarm chains

Fall detection with triggers an alarm chain as soon as a fall (from which a person cannot get up alone) is detected. For example, if someone gets out of bed at night to go to the bathroom, the Presence Sensor in the bedroom detects the movement and a follow-up time begins – during this time further movement must be detected before the end of the time window or an alarm will be triggered. If the person walks down the corridor towards the bathroom, presence is once again detected and a new follow-up time begins.

Watch the video below to learn how to configure fall detection, set up alarm chains and how – with the Apple HomeKit integration – voice commands can be used to trigger an alarm through Siri. We also show you how to configure an emergency button using the Button Air or the Wrist Buton Air.

Advantages for residents

As our life expectancies increase, a large percentage of people want to grow old in their own home and to be as self-sufficient as possible – even if some level of care becomes necessary.

Home & Building Automation can help facilitate this by taking care of a range of tasks in the background while also keeping a protective eye out by monitoring for anything unusual.

Not only does this improve people’s quality of life, but it can also help to reassure family members that everything is taken care of.

One of the massive advantages is that the solution can be individually adapted to suit the exact requirements of a specific person.

Advantages for Care-givers

Of course, AAL automation is great for residents however, it’s also great for those who provide care.

Care workers are usually extremely busy, working long hours. By using automation technology some of the weight can be lifted off their shoulders – allowing them to focus on the more crucial areas of their jobs.

For specialist care facilities, including automation in your properties increases the comfort for both residents and careers – meaning that you’ll be one of the most sought-after establishments. 

Emergency Button

In the event of an emergency, it’s crucial that they have the ability to let people know as quickly as possible. The Button Air and the Wrist Button Air are perfect for enabling emergency calls.

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