Home & Building Automation with Loxone

Home automation is the intelligent control and management of multiple components in a home – lighting, heating, audio, blinds, etc. Loxone offers a comprehensive solution with specifically developed hardware and software to bring all aspect of a home under the control of one easy-to-use system.

How does home & building automation work with Loxone?

At the heart of a Loxone system is our green Miniserver – think of this as the brain of the system. It acts as a central point of control for your home, detecting when an action is required (lights on in the kitchen, for example) through our range of intelligent sensors. It then sends the command to the relevant bit of kit (the kitchen spotlights, in our example).

By automatically taking care of thousands of tasks Loxone increases the level of comfort in your home, while also reducing your energy consumption. Home automation with Loxone means that your lighting, heating, blinds, audio, security and more all work together as part of one harmonious system – this is all done automatically without you needing to do anything on a day-to-day basis. However, this does not mean that you cannot control the system if you want to. Should you want to change the lighting mood, skip to the next track on the album, etc. you can quickly do this using one of our intelligent control points or via the free Loxone App.

An example of Home Automation with Loxone

Take a look at this tour of Loxone's showhome to get a sense of home automation working in an actual home.

Home & Building Automation Inspiration

What’s great about a Loxone home automation system is it’s extremely versatile, meaning that there’s a solution for every individual need on a case-by-case basis – meaning you can have your system configured to work exactly how you want it.


Loxone home automation takes care of a wide range of everyday tasks automatically, so you’d don’t have to worry about them.

Blind control for privacy

Open window alert if it rains

Energy Saving

Loxone provides you with a greater level of energy-efficiency and ultimately saves you money from the reduced energy costs.

Use lighting to indicate the energy source

Excess Solar Energy Management


Loxone is a great home automation solution for families and can individually adapt to each member of the household.

Children's Night Mode

Parents-are-still-sleeping alert

AAL - Ambient Assisted Living

With the help of home automation, people in need of care and their relatives can be helped out with some of the challenges they may face.

Elderly Monitoring System

Emergency Button for the Elderly

Want to retrofit Home or Building Automation?

Do you want to quickly and easily add home automation to your existing home? No problem! For retrofitting we have our wireless technology Loxone Air and our Miniserver Go which allow you to install home automation without the need to pull cables.

Home and Building Automation with privacy - Loxone does not use the cloud

We believe everyone has the right to privacy and the protection of their personal data. That’s why Loxone keeps your data where it belongs – on your Miniserver. Unlike other systems (Alexa, Google Home, Siri), there is no storage or processing of your data in a cloud. Sensitive data, such as the number of people at home, schedules, camera images of door intercom systems, the status of the alarm system, etc. remain in your own four walls.
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