Commercial Overview

Intelligent automation for commercial premises and custom applications

We offer a large portfolio of high-quality products, user-friendly applications, and intuitive programming software creating an unparalleled ecosystem with a range of open interfaces. Our solutions are fully scalable and perfect for MDUs, hotels, offices, and other commercial and custom applications.

Building automation (GA) is the automatic control, regulation, monitoring, and optimization of functions such as shading, lighting, heating, and other technical building equipment (TGA) in a smart overall system. The focus is on comfort, security, and energy efficiency in office buildings, restaurants, or other industrial or commercial properties. The term smart home has become established in private residential buildings.

A complete solution for your commercial building

Apartments and MDUs

Offer residents unparalleled comfort thanks to intelligent shading, different lighting scenes, fully automatic temperatuee control and more!


Create a unique working environment for your employees with smart features such as personalized access or variable ambient lighting.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

AAL is term used to describe unobtrusive monitoring and support for elderly people to allow them to live as independently as possible. These days, the right technology can be individually adapted and customized to support individuals with the everyday tasks that they might need help with.


By fitting out your hotel, spa or restuarant with Loxone, you'll be improving the experience of relaxtion and comfort for your guests. Plus, it'll take care of some general tasks which can help make staff more available.

Intelligent Building Protection and Supervision

Comprehensive functionality for the protection and monitoring of the building.

Fire and water alarms

Smoke detectors, water sensors and temperature sensors ensure that your properties are continuously monitored. Upon detection, an alarm chain will immediately be triggered.

Mold Prevention

Excessive humidity can cause considerable damage to the interior and fabric of a building. Monitoring humidity and controlling airflow can prevent mold growth.

Building Management

Data such as temperature, humidity and air quality are continuously recorded. This data can then be sent to the building management staff collated for monitoring.

Simplified Building Maintenance

We offer a range of functionality that simplifies the management and maintenance of multi-dwelling units and apartments buildings:

  •  Electronic access control and monitoring
  • Central monitoring of maintenance schedules, with notification functionality
  • An open interace for the connection of your own administration software
  •  Central management of user accounts
  •  Measurement of electricity and water consumption

Focusing on your specific requirements

With Loxone technology, we are able to provide you a wide range of open, freely cofigurable interaces. This means that integration into every single element of the building is possible.

Simpler than other automation systems

Award-winning Tree technology is a completely free-form cabling topology, allowing you to wire for home automation in a way that suits the installation. Just one cable is needed to handle both communications and the carrying of power for all peripheral Tree devices. This minimizes the wiring effort and can reduce the cable needed by up to 80% when compared to other similar automation systems.

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