Top 4 Features We Love About Our Smart Home

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We’re finally home! After moving into our new smart home, we came up with a list of our favorite home automation ideas so far that make our lives easier.

1. Ambient Lighting Moods 

2. Individual Room Temperature Control

3. One-click Cinema

4. Personal Wakeup Playlist for Morning Routine

1. Ambient Lighting Modes

When you move into a new home, you want to make it feel just right. This was easy for us with the full customization of lighting modes throughout the entire space. 

We used mostly LED Spots and Strips. Just after a week, the neighbours already knew us as the "home with the lights". 

Here are some of our favourite lighting modes: 

Party Mode! We're now ready to host some friends.

Cooking Mode: We can brighten up the kitchen with just a tap on the Touch Switch.

Cozy Mode: We reated a feeling of warmth and coziness for a winter's night.

2. Room Temperature Control

Our heating and cooling system is set up with smart controls to ensure the perfect temperature throughout every room. We have individual temperature zones for every single room: Kitchen - 70°F, Bedroom - 67°F, Office - 69°F. They’re always at the right temperature at the right time of the day.

The setup is pretty simple with the HVAC hooked up to the Loxone Miniserver and Dampers installed to control the airflow to the individual rooms.

3. One-Click Cinema

We’re also lucky enough to have an awesome home cinema. At the touch of a button, it’s ready for us to binge the latest series on Netflix. By turning on the TV with the standard TV remote, our home will know to activate our movie light scene as well as turn off the music to get us ready for movie night.

4. Personal Wake-Up Music

My personal favorite: We set up our home to play music in our bathrooms automatically as my morning routine begins. When I enter the bathroom, it plays my “Get Up & Go” playlist. And when I step out of the bathroom, it will turn off automatically. I can even switch the music sources and change the volume with the Loxone Touch on the wall so I don’t have to look for my cell if I want to listen to something different.

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