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7 Months ago

Important Factors To Consider When Setting Up a Home Entertainment System

A quality home entertainment system provides an immersive escape from your mundane schedule. We look at the factors to consider in creating the ideal retreat.
7 Months ago

How Surround Speakers Can Create a More Immersive Audio Experience in Home Theater Setup

A surround sound audio system redefines home theaters. We look at a list of the top considerations for creating immersive and memorable viewing experiences.
8 Months ago

Why Do Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Give You a Run for Your Money?

Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers are some of the priciest and most sophisticated options available in the market. We take a look at the history of the brand, its product lines, and revolutionary sound-enhancing...
8 Months ago

Best Home Security For 2023

Quality home security systems protect your precious property and valuables to give you peace of mind. The ease of installation, affordability, and customisation are just some of the many factors necessary in deciding...
8 Months ago

The Importance of Smoke Detectors in Singapore Homes: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Discover the importance of smoke detectors in Singapore homes and the factors to consider when buying one.
8 Months ago

5 Benefits of Using Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems offer convenience, energy efficiency, security, comfort and time-saving features, transforming the way we live and interact in our home.
1 Year ago

A Guide to Lighting Basics

Having trouble deciding on the right sort of lighting for your home or certain rooms? Here is a brief lighting guide to get you started.
1 Year ago

AI Explained: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Alarms

Ambient Assisted Living –  or AAL for short – i.e. the support of elderly or impaired people, is very close to our hearts. At AI, we want to increase the safety of people and their relatives. Things like fall...
1 Year ago

Smart Home Experience Tour

Take a look around a Real Smart Home. A purpose-built showhome in Austria. From smart lighting and room climate to automatic shading, smart safety & security, access control and more. Discover what is possible...
1 Year ago

AI Explained: Lighting Series

Gone are the days of switching on and off traditional lights. Modern LED lighting technology is taking an enormous leap in homes and buildings globally!
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